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I only schedule appointments four times per year and in cycles. This way I can make things manageable and not book too far out ahead and overwhelm myself and the schedule. If you need or are looking for an expedited appointment, click here


Emails will only be accepted:


1/1 - 1/2: January / Spring cycle (to book an appt for February-April)


4/1 - 4/2: April / Summer cycle (to book an appt for May-July)


7/1 - 7/2: July / Fall cycle (to book an appt for August- October)


10/1 - 10/2: October / Winter cycle (to book an appt for November-January)


Due to the large volume of requests, I have shortened the booking window to 2 days. This way it helps to keep things manageable, but also keeps the waitlist shorter initially. Please consider these cycles/booking windows, as if you are looking to schedule something for the winter cycle and send an email in the spring, it won't be possible.


For the foreseeable future, I will be mainly focusing on single needle and fine line tattoo work. This is just a personal preference, as at this time in my career it is something I am very passionate about, and it isn't widely offered. There are many talented tattooers who offer other styles (who i can refer you to);  but by mainly focusing on this style I can continually be excited and motivated while working. 


In regards to specific tattoos, I will try to focus on or give priority to:


- pet portraits (will depend on breed, reference images, etc)

- lettering/signatures


- floral pieces (predominantly linework style or light gray shading)


- mini realism pieces (animals, bugs, statues, weapons, etc)


- decorative elements (stars, constellations, dot work adornments, etc)


- line work pieces (single line/continuous line drawings, simpler outline pieces, etc)

Some tattoos that will be considered, depending on specifics would be:

- american traditional tattoos 


- black and gray tattoos


- mandala / geometric tattoos


- finger tattoos


- colored linework tattoos (line work tattoos done in red, white, etc)


- coverup tattoos (these will be very limited if taken at all, just due to the amount of work and planning that is involved with larger work)


With these styles of tattoos, it would just depend on the actual piece(s), sizing, placement, etc; as I am trying to do smaller pieces, or at least work that can be completed within the max session time (3-4 hours).


What i will not be taking on:


- color realism (color portraits, realistic floral imagery)

- watercolor tattoos

- full color imagery with no black or outlines (flowers with a green stem, and purple petals with no black outline for example)

- neo-traditional tattoos

- bio-mechanical tattoos

- large scale american traditional or japanese tattoos (back pieces, sleeves, etc)

- trash polka tattoos

- tribal tattoos 


There is nothing at all wrong with the above styles, but there are many other artists who do these styles specifically and rather than stress on a design or layout, I would recommend to seek specific artists for those styles, as this way you will get the best outcome, but you will also have a highly experienced artist to work with. 

How do I book an appointment?


All you need to do, is submit an email within the specified booking days of that cycle. NOT a DM on Instagram, Facebook message, email through my personal email, text, email through the contact form on this site, voicemail for the shop, etc as the shops email is the only way bookings will be accepted. I have tried many different ways, but this will be the easiest to keep up with to have it all in one location, but also easier for people to keep track of as well, and proof that they sent an email or any communication (if needed).

I will accept all submissions during those two days only, and then I will filter through all the emails to pick and choose appointments for the upcoming cycle. It will not be first come first serve, rather I am picking each project to work with, that way it is more focused on the style and work that I do. This will ensure that both repeat clients and out of town guests can be taken care of, while still including new clients and requests. It won’t matter if you send at 12:01am on the first day or 11:59pm on the last day, all emails will be considered and valid (as long as sent within the 2 day window).

When sending your email, you MUST include:


-SIZING (exact as possible in inches; not: small, medium or large)


-SPECIFICS (if flowers, what kind? if lettering, what font? etc)

You should include reference images if you have any, but that isn't mandatory. Failing to include the important information will probably lead to not being able to schedule due to the large number of requests. It is pretty difficult to filter through 500+ submissions on its own;  but then also having to go back and forth when i'm not sure about what you are specifically wanting is almost impossible to keep up with.

To make it easier as well, I would suggest to include a good description in your subject line, rather than just "tattoo" or "appt". Things like:

- 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt

- previous/returning client

- traveling/out of state client

These won't get any specific priority, but it will help when filtering through all the submissions. When theres no specifics in the subject it might get overlooked (especially if a repeat submission or traveling from out of state with a specific time frame in mind).


If you are trying or planning to book an appointment for more than one person (small group, friend, partner, etc), please just send one email with each persons specifics within that email. Sending separate emails will prolong the process and can sometimes lead to not being able to book them together if the emails are all sent separately. 


Please allow up to 2 weeks for a reply; I will be getting back to everyone as soon as I can, but keep in mind I do all of this by myself, on top of the current tattoo schedule and life outside of the shop. If you don’t get a reply after 2 weeks, please send a new email (not a reply on the same thread) and I will be sure to get back as soon as I can.


Regardless of outcome though, each person will receive a reply. Whether its to confirm the selection/booking, to let you know it wasn’t selected for this cycle or that it isn’t something I can do. If you arent selected or its a tattoo I don’t do, I will send a list of artists and shops who I know personally and can recommend, just so you are in the best hands possible either way.


Those who arent selected or send emails after those 2 days however, can be added to the current cancellation / waitlist (anyone can be added to the list outside of booking cycles). 



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