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How much does a tattoo cost?

The pricing on any tattoo will vary based on the specifics (design, details, sizing, style, placement, etc). The minimum for any tattoo is currently $200, and goes up from there based on specifics. The same tattoo could be 2 different prices simply based on the placement, which is why knowing all specifics is very important when inquiring about any pricing information. When pricing pieces, I either charge by the individual piece(s) or by the session. If you are getting multiple pieces, it necessarily won't mean that each thing will be $200, but once i have information on what you are wanting, i can figure out a pricing for everything based on the specifics. To me, this is the most fair process, so that we are both on the same page prior to finishing and there aren’t any surprises with cost or misunderstandings or miscommunication about what will be completed within that particular session. Some people like to work or charge by time or hourly, but in that case you have to consider people working slower to charge more, taking breaks, etc which all can get a little tricky when counting down each hour or minute. With larger sessions, I don’t do more than 3-4 hrs per session; so that the area isn’t overworked and can heal properly without too much trauma.


Do I need to already have a design ready to go when scheduling?

No. If you do, that's great! If not, that is not a problem at all. I can work with you to figure out a design based on what you are looking for. Now, I would definitely suggest for you to gather reference images, whether of my work or work that you like, that way it will be much easier to figure out a design. For example, we can take one element from 3 different images to combine into a new design or idea, so dont feel any pressure if you dont have a final design that's ready to be tattooed. To be honest, a lot of those pre drawn designs dont work out well as a tattoo anyway since they are made by illustrators or graphic designers and not tattooers; and some elements need to be done a certain way for longevity and legibility, so purchasing a design might not always be the best bet depending on your specifics of sizing and location. 

Can I get more than one tattoo when scheduling?

Yes, but that would come down to specifics. If you are doing a few smaller ones for example, that is no problem. Now depending on the designs, sizing, details, placement, etc would all determine how much time we would need (as well as what can or can't be done for that placement or design). I only tattoo a max of 3 or 4 hours per appointment; so as long as we can do whatever you had in mind within that time frame, its not a problem at all. The pricing then would come down to what is being done, rather than charging per piece (for larger sessions or multiple pieces).

I'm not sure about a tattoo, how can I get a quote about the price?

Any quotes or questions can be emailed (, but it really will depend on the actual specifics as far as the design, details, sizing, style, placement, etc so please provide that information for a better pricing idea as I can only give rough estimates without having the final design completed (as that pricing can change depending on specifics and final design).

Can me and a friend get tattooed on the same day or back to back?

Yes, but that again would come down to specifics. If you are both doing larger tattoos for example, that could be a full day of work (2 four hour appointments). That is never a problem, but with scheduling, it is harder to find windows for larger openings in general, let alone 2 that are the same day. If you are looking for appointments for 2 or more people, you can just send one email with that request and the info, rather than having everyone submit a separate email. 

Do you do walk in tattoos?

Not at the moment, I work strictly by appointment only. This way, each and every client gets undivided attention and we have a calm and stress free environment without interruptions.


How do I schedule an appointment?


Scheduling is done in booking cycles so we can space out the requests and inquiries, but all info is under the booking tab with explanation and further specific info.

Do you do piercings?


What kind of tattoos do you like or prefer to do?

I will do any tattoo that I can confidently do and is within my skillset. Currently, I have been doing mostly single needle stye work, but I also enjoy black and gray and old school/traditional tattoos as well!


Do you tattoo fingers/toes?

Yes, but each and every case is different depending on specifics, which I would discuss through email to further go over expectations as far as longevity and healing.

Do you tattoo faces?

Yes, but again each case is different depending on the specifics and details.


Do you do red or white tattoos?

Yes, but that would need to be discussed prior as well, to see what would work best and to further explain longevity and healing expectations.

Do you do cover-ups?


Yes. With coverups though, they can vary greatly depending on what the current tattoo is, what you might want to cover it with, the location of the tattoo, the sizing, positioning, etc. Almost always there is something you can do to cover it, but the final design, sizing and style would all come down to the specific piece you currently have and those specifics that go along with it.


How long do single needle tattoos last?


These can last just as long if not longer than "normal" tattoos, since you have more room for any spreading that can happen, but that would just come down to actual design, details, sizing, placement, sun exposure, rubbing/contact, etc. This can be discussed through email with more details if necessary or curious!

Can I see my design before my appointment?

I usually don't have time to send things over prior, with the current wait list and schedule backlog. With that being said though, that is why I try and get as much information prior as to what you are looking for, reference images, etc so that I can have a full understanding about what you are looking to get done. I always have things ready prior to the appt though, so that if there are any changes or tweaks that need to be made we can do that, no problem!

Do you do custom work/designs?

I would say half is custom and half is brought in, but a custom piece is never a problem! Some things are personal or subjective, but I will always do my best to translate someones ideas into a tattoo, and if I can't for some reason I will always be able to refer you to a local reputable artist who is more suited for your idea!


Can I bring someone with me?


I can allow one or two guests,  but the shop isnt that big, so I would avoid multiple people joining at one time. This way, if the appointment runs long or the next client arrives early, its not packed and everyone has a place to sit! haha

Does it hurt?


That is a subjective question as everyone deals with pain differently; what I can say though is that there is never a pain free tattoo, but by checking out YouTube or google there are tons of resources on what to expect for the placement you have in mind!

How do I take care of the tattoo?


Upon completion of the tattoo I will go over the aftercare process in great detail, as there are a few different ways to go about this and based on your placement, size, activities, etc will all help determine what will be best for your particular situation.

Are there any deals or offers?

Anyone who is offering deals or discount, does so for a reason...I always say, if someone is available anytime you want, they aren't busy for a reason! Please do research when choosing a tattoo artist or shop, as this is something permanent and can potentially have more repercussions than just a bad tattoo!


What are the safety protocols/cleanliness measures?


I always ensure that I am following any necessary guidelines as far as sterility, cross contamination and blood borne pathogens. Each setup is single use, and items are either disposed of (needles, ink, caps, etc) or cleaned and sterilized with an autoclave prior to being used again (steel tubes). Any equipment or furniture that is used during the tattoo is wrapped or a barrier is used (table paper, wrap, sheet, etc) and disposed of after each use. All needles are single use and sterilized prior to delivery, all of which you can ask to see prior to setup for your appointment.

What should I do before my appointment?

There isn't too much that needs to be done prior, but a few things I would recommend would be to get a good nights sleep, eat a meal (or have something in your stomach), don't consume drugs or alcohol prior, and to be as relaxed as possible. If the area of your tattoo needs to be shaved, I can do that prior (unless it is something like the head, that would require some kind of prep work/buzz).

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