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To help with scheduling and to not overbook myself too far in advance, there is a set booking system in place. This has its own page on this site with a full description, details, process info, dates, specifics needed, etc. If you are interested in scheduling outside of that time, there are currently 2 options:

1. Rush/Expedited appointment: this is explained on the booking page and is a guaranteed booking

2. You can be added to the current cancellation/waitlist, no guarantee with scheduling 


The cancellation/wait list is simply a list I would reference in the instance that I get anyone who cancels, needs to reschedule, or if/when an opening occurs. If that happens, I would go down the list and contact those in the order they were added to the list. You would get at least 24 hr notice prior to an opening to be able to schedule, but it isnt a guarantee that there will be an opening. The list is just a collection of those who I wasn’t able to book within the current cycle, or those who inquired out of the booking window. It is not a call back list, or a priority list for the next booking cycle. If you are still interested in a future booking, you would need to resubmit an email for the next cycle. For each booking cycle the list will reset; as I am unsure if people got their work elsewhere, become uninterested, move away, get pregnant, get sick, etc so for those reasons the list will reset with each booking cycle.


There is a $100 deposit required to hold any tattoo appointment. This deposit will go towards the final pricing of the tattoo itself, which if more than one session is needed, an additional deposit will be needed for each appointment. The deposit is non-refundable, unless it is from me having to cancel or reschedule the appointment, or something that is out of our control (weather, power outages, etc). The deposit simply holds your appointment time; it isn’t a cancellation fee, doesn’t cover drawing or custom work, and is strictly for your appointment. If you decide to cancel after we have already scheduled a date (due to no longer being interested or changing your mind; not from an emergency or issue where we can reschedule), or if it is less than 24 hrs of the appt, or if you forget about or don’t show up for the appt, you will lose the deposit. When issuing a refund, please be aware you will get less than the initial $100; as there are fees involved with the business account ($98.25 is the most recent amount to be issued minus fees).




Cancellations and Rescheduling is never a problem, but out of respect to not only myself but other customers, these are important. When someone cancels within 24 hrs of the appointment, not only do I miss out on work, but the other customers who are waiting miss a chance to get a last minute booking.


Any cancellations or reschedules are allowed up to 24 hrs prior to the scheduled appointment. Any cancellations or reschedules made within 24 hrs of the scheduled appointment will lose the deposit and require a new one to schedule again. Again, if you ever have to cancel or reschedule, that is never a problem! The only issue is there are quite a lot of scheduled appointments, so getting a new day or time can range anywhere from weeks to months depending on what is currently scheduled, your availability and the soonest to match.


If the cancellation or reschedule is on my side, I will ensure that you get priority with scheduling and I will make every effort possible to either come in earlier, stay later or swing by on a day off just to make sure you are taken care of as soon as possible. In this case, the deposit will still be valid, but if you would rather receive the deposit back, that can be done as well since the issue was from me.


In the event of inclement weather, power outages, or anything that is out of our control, the deposit will still be valid in rescheduling and everyone will be rescheduled as soon as possible in the order they were originally scheduled. Again, if you would rather get the deposit back, that is possible as well!


There are many appointments scheduled pretty far in advance, so typically the drawing/design is completed the week of your appointment. Sometimes I can finish early or ahead of time, but more often than not, it is completed the day prior because there are already appointments scheduled that need to be designed for prior to yours. This is why on email and communication I ask for as much information and specifics prior to scheduling, so that I know what you are looking for. Providing reference images, examples, etc will always help smooth out the process, as well as detailed information such as the sizing, placement, style, etc. This way we can both be on the same page about expectations prior to the appointment with as little surprise as possible. If you are requesting to get tattooed by me, I would also suggest to look at my work to see the style I work in and do, because there will need to be some trust involved as far as coming up with a unique design that will work with the placement and sizing you have in mind. I don’t expect free reign, but there does need to be some flexibility on outcome, as certain things will and won’t work depending on the final sizing of the piece, details and placement of the particular design.


There is never a problem to change the design the day of the appt. With that being said, those changes or additions would need to be somewhat minimal (adding a flower, petals, etc) and not to change the entire design (floral design to a lion portrait, etc). All of the previous conversations and emails should include any particulars you have in mind, so we are on the same page and understanding prior. Even if its a few days prior, any major changes need to be sent over before the appt so that i can make those changes prior and be ready for your appt, rather than use the appt time for drawing and creating the new piece (which we might not have time for both). Now if you are wanting a completely different design, size, placement, etc then we might not be able to accommodate those things if we are already scheduled for a certain time frame, if what you are wanting would exceed that window. I will always do my best to make it work, and in those cases of a major change, we would just have to possibly split the appt up or finish half now and half later (if the design or idea is much bigger or involved than the initial piece). If its a smaller change or addition, its not a problem at all to do that prior to the tattoo, as we can print out different sizes, or mess with the layout. I just ask and warn about this prior, because again, things are scheduled based on the appt, so if there are major changes or ideas, i wouldn’t want to rush your tattoo or design in any way, as well as to make the next person wait longer than needed (which can in turn affect the whole day or remaining appts).


Also, it would be needed to be said prior if there are any additional ideas or pieces you had in mind. I’ve had people scheduled for a particular piece come in and ask for more work or pieces, which can’t always be done. Sometimes i can fit things in if they are smaller, but ideally i would need to know prior just so that i can have it ready beforehand because again we are limited to the amount of time we have, with the date and time that was already discussed and booked. 


Please be on time to your scheduled appointment, as things are booked and scheduled with a particular cushion and timing for each client. I can allow up to 15-20 minutes, but anything after that can possibly result in your appointment being shortened, unfinished or cancelled. Clients wait months to get tattooed, so if you are late and that would push the next person back or make the next appointments delayed, your appt will be cut short (due to the slot we had initially setup, it won’t be ended any sooner than discussed, but the later you are, the less time we would have to work with). If there is traffic, accident, issue, etc you can always call, email or message to let me know and then i can still hold the appointment; but i still can’t guarantee what we can get done within that time, due to the allotted time until the next appt. If 30 minutes pass beyond the agreed upon time and there is no contact or communication, i consider the appt cancelled, as i don’t know if you became uninterested, moved away, forgot, etc; and in those instances, i sometimes leave the shop to run errands, get food, or go home (if that is the last appt scheduled of the day).


As for being on time, that is always appreciated, but being super early isn’t necessary. This won’t give you more time for the appointment, or the ability to add more pieces/work, or to get the person you brought with you time to get something as well. If you are 10-15 minutes early that is no problem, and are fine to come in and wait (if you are alone and without a guest); but if you arrive 30+ minutes early i would suggest to grab some food, drink or wait in the car (if it is you and a guest) because there typically is an appt currently going on and this way there is still some privacy for them, as well as maintaining distance/eliminate crowding within the shop since its a smaller space.


It is never a problem to bring a guest or friend with you, but if at all possible i would advise to only have one guest at a time if any. The shop isn’t huge, so there isn’t a ton of room inside. There is plenty of room for your guest, but the problem is when you have multiple people, and then the next appointment approaches and they also have multiple people for example. Then it can get cramped inside the shop, loud, and this way we can still maintain distance inside as well as not to have it be too hectic or distracting for either me or you. Ideally i would suggest any guests to be 18+, but if you are a parent and have to bring your child just be sure they are able to sit by themselves for a prolonged period of time and be behaved inside the shop. This will eliminate any accidents, but also to maintain cleanliness and safety inside the shop by not touching dirty items/hazardous waste, breaking or moving things, etc. 


Also when bringing a friend or guest, that is never an opportunity to get them squeezed in for a tattoo. I know the wait can be long, but just as the other clients have had to wait or go about the booking process in the right ways, it wouldn’t be fair to just fit people in or add people in front of those who have been waiting. The main issue would be timing, because i have specifically scheduled the appointment for what we had discussed, so by adding someone else in, no matter the size, can delay the timing and i can’t push back anyone or make them wait, especially for someone or something that wasn’t scheduled previously. Not to mention the discussions we would need to have about pricing, timing, if what they are wanting would work for the placement or size they had in mind, figuring out placement or putting the stencil on multiple times, having to redraw the design, etc. So to avoid any issues with miscommunication or misunderstanding, it won’t be possible to fit in a friend or guest with your session or appointment, even if we end up finishing earlier, so that it is fair for everyone, and there aren’t any restrictions or me having to rush to finish or lose out on prep time for the next client.


Touchups are never a problem and there isn’t any cost associated with them. with that being said, we just have to make sure the tattoo is fully healed (which can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks). For touchup work you just need to send an email with touchup in the subject and we can get that sorted out asap! A new email is preferred so that it won’t get lost in the shuffle of old emails, and with a new subject line it will help to sort it through the bunch of other emails as well. 


Although they are free, if a tattoo is 5+ years old, not well taken care of (sun exposure, aftercare, etc) or just in a troubled area or style (fingers, toes, feet, colored ink, etc) those aren’t covered and could/would incur a fee for the touchup. Those all would be discussed and warned about prior, but its just something that can’t be guaranteed due to the possibility of sun exposure, areas prone to rubbing/contact, skin regeneration, exfoliation, etc. Typically that would be a minimal fee just to cover supplies, but again anytime there would be a fee it would be discussed prior just as a heads up!


During your appointment you are more than welcome to take as much or as many photos/videos as you prefer, have someone film, record for tiktok, youtube, etc, whatever you would like! The only thing i have to ask is that you don’t do it yourself while being tattooed; just so you can stay as still as possible without any major movements. If you want to snap a picture here or there or while im getting ink or anything minor, that is totally fine, but please refrain from trying to film while i am in the act of tattooing, because any slight movements can alter the outcome of the tattoo. It might seem minimal or insignificant, but your arm is connected to your shoulders, which is connected to your other arm, chest, hip, legs, etc and i want you to have the best outcome possible. Just try and get images or videos while we are on a slight break, stopping point, etc just so it will work out best for both of us. Also, if you do have a friend or someone getting footage, just be sure they are giving space within the area and not right next to, behind, or in front of me to where it is in my light, path of work, etc just so its not too cramped and can maintain distance/cleanliness in the working area.


If at all possible, i would always recommend and advise you to arrive at the appointment sober. I will never judge anyone for the choices they make or the things that they choose to do, but if you show up to your appointment severely intoxicated i will not be able to work with you, no matter how long you have had to wait. This is a health concern, but also a legal issue because you are not of sound body and mind to consent and agree to the tattoo or choices/design decisions that will be made. This can also affect how you will heal from the tattoo if you have thinned blood, or even worse if you have complications from whatever substance you have consumed prior to or during the tattoo appointment. Keep in mind, once we are done you can do whatever you want, but usually there are more negative outcomes than positive ones when using a substance to help get through the tattoo process.


If you have an appointment and do not show up, then you will not be able to book in the future without a cancellation fee. The current deposit fee is $100, so this would be $100 on top of the deposit in order to book for a future date (so $200 total, in which only $100 would be applied towards the tattoo pricing). By not communicating, calling, etc, not only do i miss out on the appt, but i also miss out on possibly fitting someone else in who has been waiting for an opening. If this happens on more than one occasion, i will not be scheduling any future appointments with that client.


I always will provide drinks and snacks to clients and their guests, but if you want to bring something else in, feel free! Usually the appointments aren’t super long, so its not always needed, or might not have time to eat a full meal during the tattoo, but the only thing i would ask is to clean up and keep the area clean when you are finished eating so that things don’t get messy or dirty and can maintain cleanliness within the shop in all areas!


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