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I have had many people ask about sooner availabilities or rushed appointments which im not opposed to, but I need to find a way that works for both myself and clients alike.


First off, the pricing will obviously be much more than a regularly scheduled appointment. This is simply because to make this happen, I will either be arriving earlier or staying later around already scheduled appointments, as well as possibly working on my scheduled days off. This way, its still fair to the clients who book the “normal” way to keep the pricing consistent, as well as to not incentivize people to just use this booking method. The minimum pricing for this will be $500, and pieces will be priced according to whats being done and not time (as with any piece). The pricing again will be more than usual, and will all depend on design, sizing, details, placement, etc. When inquiring about this, I will definitely be able to give an estimate prior to deposit or scheduling just so there’s no surprises or unexpected issues upon completion.


There will be no guarantees with this, as it is only possible if and when an opening is available. I always want to improve quality and services to provide as much availability as possible, so this is just another option for those in certain situations, such as: 


- out of town visiting

- special events (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc)


Or just for those who just missed the booking cycle and want a quicker option.


How the process will work


Send an email ( with the subject “RUSH APPOINTMENT” or something along those lines so that I know the specificity of the email quicker


Within the email, include all specifics:


- What you are looking to get


- The sizing, placement, and style

(If lettering, what font? What layout? If floral, what flowers? How many? Etc)


- What days you are looking for or trying to get this done by (either a specific day or time frame would be fine)


I will reply to all requests within a few days if not sooner, whether to say yes or no depending on the current schedule and availability. As usual, if I can’t do it, I will be able to provide a list of local shops/artists so that you can check with them also just in case if its a rushed timeframe. 

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