I am now doing scheduling in cycles, which will be every 3 months. This has been confusing for some, but it actually is much easier to deal with than the previous method. Quarterly booking will be as follows:


-I will accept all emails within the first week of each booking month (January, April, July, October) and the scheduling will be for the following 3 months only. For example:


January emails (1/1-1/7) will only book for Feb-Apr

April emails (4/1-4/7) will only book for May- Jul

July emails (7/1-7/7) will only book for Aug-Oct

October emails (10/1-10/7) will only book for Nov-Jan


-Any emails sent before that week, or after that week, will not be considered or able to book for that specific time frame. With that being said, I will have a running cancellation list that can be added to at any time. Being on the cancellation list won’t guarantee or secure a spot, but in the case of any cancellation or reschedule that occurs, I will go down the list to contact those for a possible opening as soon as one might become available.


-Not all emails/requests will be able to be scheduled; there are only a certain amount of hours in a day and days in a week, but everyone who does send an email will receive a reply. This will be to either proceed with scheduling or to inform there isn’t any more available space, or, that its a tattoo I dont/can’t do.


-Please keep in mind the date ranges, as if you are looking to schedule something further out, I won’t be able to schedule that until that cycle begins. This can be annoying, but it keeps things fair for everyone, as well as to not overwhelm or overbook for the future.


-Please allow up to a week for a reply. As the emails will be accepted for a week, there will be a big number of requests to filter through. If you are checking in on the status of your email after that time, please send a new/separate email with that information the subject line, because if you reply to the initial or same email, it will push that up to the front and will prolong the reply time since i check emails old to new.


-When emailing, please provide as much information with as many details as possible. Ideally, any photo(s) of the placement you had in mind, reference photos of the design, style, etc. will be great too. Specific measurements (in inches) rather than small, medium, large and then any other key or important info in regards to the placement, style, details, elements, etc. All of these things will help expedite the booking process; otherwise we will just have to go back and forth with details which can extend the process, in which specific days and times you might have wanted get taken.