I only schedule appointments 4 times a year, and schedule in cycles.


-January/spring cycle (schedules for february-april)


-April/summer cycle (schedules for may-july)


-July/fall cycle (schedules for august-october)


-October/winter cycle (schedules for november-january)


The way the booking process works, is that i will only accept booking emails on the first week of each booking month, from the first to the seventh.


1/1 - 1/7


4/1 - 4/7


7/1 - 7/7


10/1- 10/7


If you send an email before the listed dates, after the listed dates, or anytime in between, you won’t be able to book an appointment and your email might not be replied to. This helps to cut down the overwhelming amount of emails and to keep things organized. 


If you send an email outside of the booking cycle, I will do my best to reply, but there is also a FAQ and policy page on the site that has a lot of extra information on the process and general info just in case, so be sure to check that out also!


Please consider the booking windows, as if you are looking to schedule something for the winter cycle and send an email in the spring, it won’t be possible. This booking method helps me not get too overwhelmed or book too far in advance.


Booking will open and be accepted as soon as 12:01am that day, not a few days prior, a few hours earlier, or even11:59pm the day before, because again this keeps things easy to maintain and manageable while being fair for all those looking to schedule.


When sending your booking email, you must include:










-as specific details as possible (if lettering, what font? one line or two? straight or curved? etc)


The more info and details you provide, the quicker the process will be, and the sooner the booking will be. If we have to go back and forth, that isn’t a huge deal, but between those messages, the days and times will fill, so the booking can get backed up quite a bit even within a day or two.


There is a deposit required, which that information will be sent over along with possible dates once i am able to check and confirm there are available days and times.


In previous cycles there have been over 400-500 submissions, so i would always suggest to send an email as soon as possible as sometimes i don’t even make it past the first or second day of submission emails due to the amount.


Either way, whether you are able to get an appointment or not, i will reach out and reply to everyone with further instructions or information about the cancellation list/referrals to local shops/artists. This can take up to a week, so please be patient, and if you haven’t heard back within a week, please send a new email so i can be sure to see it and the initial email doesn’t get buried.


I only have 90 days to work with, so not everyone will be able to get an appointment, but i will do my best in order to fit in as many people as possible! With each booking cycle, there will be a cancellation/wait/reschedule list that i will add to in the order i get the emails, and that can be added to at any time. With that list, there is no guarantee of an appointment, but if there are ever any cancellations or reschedules i will reach out to those on the list in the order they were placed on there. the list will reset with each cycle so that its fair for everyone, and you can always try again to get an appointment or to get a higher spot on the cancellation list if not!